Linux and Amateur Radio

A few weeks ago I gave a talk at the Geelong Radio and Electronics society ( about the history of the Linux operating system and some the applications relate to amateur radio. In this short article, I aim to follow up on that talk and address some of the feedback I've received from the members by presenting some of the applications mentioned and how they can be installed.

Most of the instructions here should work for those using a Raspberry Pi, although some packages may require additional repositories in this instance. I'm personally am writing this using Linux Mint as my distribution and inspiration, although most things will transfer directly to Ubuntu and it's many derivatives.

The slides from that presentation are available here

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Getting Started with the STM32F3 Discovery Board on Ubuntu 13.10

On a whim I went out and added a STM32F3-Discovery Development board to a rs-online order. The board contains an STM32F303 ARM-Coretex M4 processor capable of ~70MHz and has four  5 MSPS ADCs, 12 Fast DACs, hardware DSP and FPU; making it an ideal candidate for building a software defined radio. Although before I could get to that I had to setup the tools needed to actually program the thing. Having never programmed an ARM chip before (well not bare metal anyway). Here are the steps that I went through to get it working. Most of which are taken from articles published here: . I'm just collating them all together for reference.

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